Sunday, July 12, 2009

Writing Gig with (Work from Home)

We are looking for people interested in a writing gig for Blerp is a new social website with a growing community and we want creative writers/bloggers who can share their insight and opinions in the following areas:

1) TV & Film
2) News & Politics
3) Celebrity Gossip
4) Games & Entertainment
5) Music
6) Sports
7) Technology & Gadgets
8) Lifestyle & Society
9) Humor

This is a short-term, part-time gig, where you "blerp" about different discussion topics. Blerps are very short comments or widgets that are placed on top of websites.

We’re looking for folks who can post compelling content and really engage users in a fun discussion. It helps if you’re an avid Web surfer and know the top websites in each category. Your official title will be Topic Writer/Editor.

In your e-mail, please send us the following:

1) Your resume
2) Writing samples – just a link is fine!
3) Samples of your blerps – go to and give it a try, then let us know your username. This is our best indication of your fit for this gig.
4) Your contact information

Please be patient while we try to review all the responses. If you're selected, you'll help grow the site with us.

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  1. What's the email address for this job contact?