Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blogging job for architect mommies

Mommies who are tech active are a attenuate breed. But if you’re one of these actual appropriate bodies again you’ll be absorbed in this new blogging job.

Yulmedia is currently on the anchor for accomplished mothers who can address and who are into accessories and technology in all its countless facets. The aperture is for a blogger job autograph for a above Canadian Tech and apparatus blog. The acknowledged applicant will be accustomed the albatross to address posts with a abundance of two posts every week. The appropriate posts should be amid 200 to 250 words. The aggregation is attractive for bloggers who can address in English and those who can address in French, those who can address in both languages may accept a slight advantage. Other abilities that may put you in their alarm is ability of basal HTML and angel editing, acquaintance with WordPress and acquaintance with SEO.

This blogging job is a paid position and Yulmedia is acute applicants to abide 2 abbreviate autograph samples that are accompanying to tech or accessories as able-bodied as any links to their appear assignment online. The applicants will additionally be asked to explain how accustomed they are with the capacity ahead mentioned.

Come accompany the fun!

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