Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wanted Freelance Writer - Online Tech Magazine

Do you like staying on top of the latest technology trends in the online world? Find topics like cloud computing, open APIs and mashups
interesting? Join ProgrammableWeb's writing team and get paid to write about the future of the Internet while reaching some of the most
influential people in the industry (we've been cited and quoted in over 30 major publications including Forbes, CIO, Newsweek, PC World,
Gartner Research, CBS News, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, and the New York Times.)

You will cover breaking news, industry trends, and a wide range of related topics on how open APIs and platforms like Twitter are impacting tech, business, legal, government, or social computing. You bring your passion for these topics and we’ll supply coaching on writing style, research sources and tips on being a professional blogger.

You are a self-starter, Internet savvy freelance writer who can write 5-10 post a week. Posts are typically 3 to 5 paragraphs long and usually include graphics like screenshots.

Work from home with flexible hours.

Responsibilities and qualifications:

* Write succinct, researched posts from a list of potential topics
* Some knowledge of, and strong interest in, web technology
* Stay informed on the latest in open web APIs and add to the list of topics for potential posts
* High level of Internet savvy: good online research skills
* Ability to work independently
* Some professional writing experience a plus
* Web production skills like HTML and CSS a plus but not required
* Competitive rate depends on experience (


  1. Are you still looking for writers? I just lost a gig blogging for (due internal problems). I wrote all the October and November posts. Topic was social media and WOM marketing.

    I am technically savvy - I have a PHD in Human Computer Interaction (on Data visualisation)from Imperial College. I worked at Oracle and Nortel. I am very excited about social networking, data mashups and the new 3G iphone apps. I think that mobile internet is set to change the way we do things over the next year.

    Here is my linked in info.


  2. Hey,
    If you're still looking for writers, I could easily cover it. I've had my fair share of HTML/CSS experience, as well as writing small articles for school and to do with games and technology.

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