Monday, July 13, 2009

Blogger Wanted to Write About SNEAKERS! (Your Computer)

We are looking for bloggers to write about sneakers on our sneaker blog!


1. Must be knowledgeable in Photoshop
2. Must be a sneaker collector
3. Must visit the various sneaker blogs/forums on a daily basis.
4. Must love the internet!
5. Must be able to write at least 3 blog entries/day

Please include the answers to the following questions, along with your resume´ ( )

1. The name(s) of your favorite sneaker store(s)?
2. The name(s) of your favorite sneaker website(s)?
3. If you are a member of any sneaker forums or message boards, please include the site name and your username for each.
4. If you sell on eBay, please include your eBay username

Thanks very much for reading!

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