Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blogger for Cute & Fuzzy Animal Blog (potrero hill)

We are looking for a pet-, animal- and fun-loving, online media-savvy writer who can add to the Dogster/Catster family of blogs by:

* Finding, organizing, editing, re-sizing and scheduling images, videos, cartoons, stories and other cute and fuzzy animal media, for daily posting to our growing cute animal blog,
* Communicating with and responding to blog readers and fans of the sites, primarily by responding to comments made on

The blog you will be responsible for updating is ( In addition to contributing original cute and fun images and other material, you will be aware of the latest pet- and animal-related memes and trends, and will be able to capitalize on the current jargons and lingos in order to communicate effectively and efficiently with readers, in attempt to further promote Snuzzy, a fast-growing online entertainment destination for pet and animal lovers.


* You are not only self-motivated and driven, but disciplined as well - able to edit and schedule 35-50 posts per week and cover a variety of pet- and animal- related topics.
* You are able to surf the Internet and find cute, funny, touching, beautiful, or captivating images and video that you can then summarize and make available to your readers.
* In-depth knowledge of the "pet and animal meme" universe is critical, as awareness of current popular trends and Internet phenomenons will be a significant factor in being able to select appropriate blog material. The right candidate will be an animal-loving person and/or a pet owner.
* You are familiar with the blogging platform in general and are able to implement micro-blogging tools, online community and social networking features so as to be able to cultivate, encourage, and expand your reader base.
* You have a general understanding of basic HTML code and can produce polished blog entries that are visually appealing and include source images and quotes from cited articles.
* You are sensitive to and aware of the and communities and can tailor your posts (and writing style, in general) to appeal to the particular needs and desires of our Dogster and Catster members.


The ideal candidate will demonstrate the ability to think creatively and work well independently. Qualified candidates have experience as a writer and an excellent command of the English language. He or she will be able to adapt his or her writing style to match the current tone and voice of They will be familiar with the entire family of blogs, and will communicate openly and regularly with the Dogster, Inc, team, offering ideas, suggesting material, and cross promotional support when appropriate.

The ideal candidate lives in or around the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is a paid position. Apply by sending email (

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