Monday, July 6, 2009

San Francisco Lifestyle Blogger

Do you know San Francisco inside and out? Can you review a trendy new restaurant on Monday, snap photos for a walkthrough of a new hotel on Tuesday, interview a local celebrity on Wednesday, and recommend an unknown band destined for stardom on Thursday? If so, please apply for this unique opportunity.

Two Global 1,000 companies have teamed up to publish a blog that will cover San Francisco -- dining, hotels, art, local entertainment, insider tips, etc. Fun stuff only. San Francisco only. Sort of like the lifestyle section of a local newspaper but entirely online with more editorial freedom.

As the blogger/reporter, you'll spend approximately 25-30 hours per week researching and writing for the blog. Your compensation will be the equivalent of a full-time job yet you'll still have time for other freelancing projects -- though this blog will be your priority.

If you have the qualifications we seek, please apply. If you know someone perfect for this role, please refer them to this opportunity. We pay a $250 referral fee.


Applicants must have the following qualifications:

San Francisco: You must reside in San Francisco or in a nearby suburb as you cannot report on a city unless you're on site. You must have an interest in San Francisco's dining, entertainment, and hospitality scene. You must have a discerning palate and a basic understanding of cocktails and wine upon which you can build (vegetarians and teetotalers need not apply).

Experience: At least one year of experience professionally blogging or reporting, preferably on lifestyle topics and preferably for a well-known commercial publication.

Writing Skills: This requirement goes without saying. Most people with writing talent usually draw praise throughout their life from teachers and mentors. They also win awards and receive high grades on written coursework.

Research Skills: You must have a knack for finding the proverbial needle in the haystack, which typically involves more than just searching Google.

Interview Skills: You will interview celebrities and others so you must know how to frame questions that elicit information.

College Degree: Please list your cumulative GPA on your resume.

Equipment: Owning a Mac and a car are pluses but not required. If you don't have a Mac, we'll provide you with one.

How To Apply

Please tell us about your qualifications and your familiarity with San Francisco. Also, tell us about your availability, and attach your resume. Please email us your application( Email ID : ) . Please do not call or fax us.

We need to fill this position quickly so please apply now.

About Us

LandingPage Interactive is a creative agency owned by PeerViews Inc, a media holding company in New York City.

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