Saturday, July 18, 2009

Blog Jobs - Wanted Bloggers

The Buzz News Room is looking for some bloggers:

Want to write and share your dumb view of the world with a captive audience?! If yes, Buzz Newsroom wants you. We’re looking for more bloggers to join our world.

This is an all volunteer gig — but we have a great community. So if you’re up on dumb news, like ripping on politicians and celebrities, the latest viral videos and pictures — let us know.

Only three requirements:

  1. can be a regular contributor with 5 posts per day
  2. have Wordpress experience
  3. have blogged about crap in the past (send links).

Send links to post blogs, bio and email us at buzznewsroom AT

PS. Again, this doesn’t pay, but you’re be rewarded in great exposure. Our content is redistributed on the Insider, the New York Times, Huffington Post, we have a YouTube channel and Twitter account. If you want an audience, we want to hear from you.

Check out the site at

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