Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Watch Free Movies Online

Good news, everyone! VIEWSTER, the cross-device video on demand service, will from now on be available FOR FREE. You will be able to watch free movies online , TV shows and clips at no charge!

The free VIEWSTER beta is available on all supported connected TVs, Web, and Tablet Devices and via pre-installed mobile apps.

VIEWSTER offers classic and current Hollywood movies, award-winning independent films and TV series that make it easy for viewers to find programs they want to watch. Action, comedy, thriller and other popular genre new release movies are added on a continuous basis, with some 20 percent of the catalogue being refreshed each year.

 The VIEWSTER service is uniquely-positioned with targeted video ads inserted dynamically for free viewing content including free streaming movies online and no ads for premium paid content.  Register now to watch free movies online.