Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wanted bloggers for ZackBrandit


Do you run a personal blog in these topics? :

ZackBrandit is a platform that enables Bloggers and Advertisers to be put in touch with one another, and offers them online tools to manage aproductive collaboration, based on honesty, creativity and transparency.

As a Blogger, you run an online community; you are an expert in your area and well-educated who interact with your readership.

You’d like to begin monetizing your blog whilst recommending the kind of products and services that you feel will interest your readers.

Perhaps you’d like to carry special advertising promotions, exclusive dealson your blog, take part in product launches or just generally “create some buzz”.

How to Apply?
Subscribe your blog here: http://zackbrandit.com/SignIn.aspx or send an email for further information at jean-paul@zackbrandit.com

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