Monday, July 6, 2009

Video blogger – women’s social media site

You’ve got personality plus. And the plus includes views on current issues – as well as everyday life.

And have we mentioned a sense of humor? It’s an absolute must. You’ve also gotta have friends (or enemies – hey, we’re not gonna judge) willing to appear with you on camera. At least sometimes.

This all adds up to what we’re looking for in a video blogger: someone who can create your own unique version of “The View” for our fast-growing online community:, the Personal News Network.

We’re a group of bloggers from around the world (we’re known as “The Global Water Cooler for Women”) looking for entertainment, enlightenment and encouragement. And we’re a creative and welcoming community.

Which doesn’t mean we’re all deadly serious all the time. We crave a good laugh. Especially in these times!

and grassroots is good. We’d rather you be authentic than slick (though your “show” has to be consistent and high-quality enough to capture our audience’s ongoing engagement).

If you think you’re up to the challenge we want to hear from you – you might be the next vlogoshere star!

To apply, click on this link, sign up and post as much as you want about yourself and your ideas for the show. Put up a video if you have one. None of this is required, but we will make our choice from among the vloggers in this group, helped by feedback from our audience, so do the best you can. And, yes this is a paid job, negotiable.

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