Saturday, February 13, 2010

msafi is looking for a Write About and Review WordPress Plugins


I created a new website that received high initial remarks from visitors. The website is about WordPress plugins. I need help creating content for the website.

I need someone to write plugin reviews and guides with me. I’m looking for someone who can write very well in English; colloquial writing with a personality that talks directly to the reader is best. Some level of technical knowledge and familiarity with WordPress plugins are crucial.

I have $500/month for this project. I don’t yet know how many reviews I’ll need per month, but I’m thinking maybe 25 articles, more or less. I’m dedicated to this website and I want to share its success with someone who’s willing to work with me on it.

If you’re interested, email me.


How to apply

Email me at (where x = msafi).

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