Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Demand Studios is looking for a Service Journalism Openings


Apply your writing skills to an exciting and reliable freelance position in service journalism. Demand Studios, the industry leading article production studio powering the 17th most visited network of websites in the world with high quality content, is looking for talented writers to join our team. Learn more below and apply to start writing for popular sites like,, and many others.


• This freelance position enables you to write around your schedule with no min or max work requirements
• Our robust assignment library enables you to claim and work on the articles of your choice
• Focus on subject matter you’re most qualified to write about (ex: health, business, art, diet, etc)
• Choose assignments based on desired topics, length, format and pay rates


• Get paid for each approved article – current writers earn an average of $15 - $25 per hour
• Ability to interact with experienced copy editors, fellow writers and support staff
• Tenured writers gain access to affordable group health insurance
• Grants available to community members to pursue other creative projects


• Exceptional writing and grammatical skills required
• Educational and/or professional background in writing a big plus

How to apply

To apply for this freelance writing position, please complete the online application form through the link below – make sure to have your most recent resume and a high-quality non-fiction writing sample available. Serious candidates only please.

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  1. Just a comment as a DS writer, this is definitely worth looking into. DS pays twice weekly via Paypal. You can work as little or as much as you want. They provide excellent editorial feedback and it's a fabulous opportunity to build a portfolio.