Saturday, February 27, 2010

An advertising agency is looking for a blogger

Want to write for an ad agency? There’s an opening for a blogger who will be tasked to write 250 to 500-word articles on the advertising industry. You will be supplied with topics and background information, but you are to write and further research the topic yourself.
The job is pretty light, since they expect a blog post every two week or so. They don’t have a website up yet so I can’t give you a link. Nonetheless, if you’re interested, please forward examples of your work,  rates and any futher questions to kelli.nelson [at]


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  2. Would be interested in blogging for you. I am currently writer for newspapers, Harte-Hanks, and others. I also constantly blog about on Christian sites.

  3. Nowadays there are more job openings available for freshers and experienced persons in various categories. Just apply to the jobs or register in the job providing websites, so that right jobs will be intimated based on the resume. Its a simple and a best way to get into the good job.

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