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About Us:

LIVESTRONG™.com is a leading online destination serving more than 5.5 million loyal visitors who come looking for health-related tips and advice each month. It is also the most recent recipient of the "Best Health and Nutrition" website award by New Media Awards. To ensure LIVESTRONG™.com visitors are consistently presented with the best answers to their diverse health and fitness-related questions, Demand Studios (the article production studio for is looking for experienced freelance writers in the Seattle area to help create high quality articles on hundreds of unique topics.

About the Position:

As a writer for LIVESTRONG™.com, you’ll be able to share your health knowledge with a large and vibrant community while earning a reliable paycheck and extending your personal and professional brand online.

• Claim diverse assignments that you're most qualified to write about from our extensive article-library
• No minimum or maximum limits on the amount of articles you can create and get paid for
• Assignments vary in length and format with most averaging 300–500 words covering topics such as diabetes, cancer, nutrition, mental health and exercise
• Payments are issued twice a week for each completed article. Current writers earn an average of $20 - $30 per hour
• Your byline follows each article helping build exposure and authority around your name and writing
• Active writers are eligible for a complimentary Gold Membership to enjoy all tools and features
• Tenured writers gain access to affordable group health care

Writer Qualifications: Candidates must have one or more of the following qualifications:

• Masters of Science in a medical field
• Accreditation in health preferred
• Experience writing about health-related topics in a medical or health magazine, newspaper, journal, blog or other health website

How to apply

Apply to Start Writing Serious candidates only please.

• Upload your most recent resume
• Upload a high quality non-fiction writing sample

Upload Your Resume and Writing Sample:

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