Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blog Jobs - GoGalavanting.Com In Need of Magazine Contributors

his is a beatific worker possibleness for writers: is a directive online women’s movement magazine. When it comes to travel, we conceive women are fascinated in more than meet fashion, call columns, and reviews of ludicrously pricey resorts. Are you a first-timer, meet backwards from your prototypal activate abroad? Or have you spent sufficiency instance experience foreign to have the brainwave of a local? Or are you an audacious jet-setter who has cosmopolitan every over the globe for impact or pleasure? We desire your movement essays and movement tips. Published and uncharted writers are solicited to submit. There are individual areas in which you can participate: * Feature Travel Essays: alter readers along on your travelling and wage plentitude of applicatory course to the places you visited so they can wager it for themselves. * Blog Posts: Write most your activate patch you’re on the road. Fun social observations attended by quirky or picturesque photos are what we’re after. * Women-Owned: indite most an awing woman-owned playing in a movement instruction that no individual should woman patch on their trip. * Travel Tip: advance a quick, consultative travel-savvy taste of aggregation you’ve picked up along the way. Use the guidelines on our website as a actuation soured point. One abstract we rattling revalue is originality. And don’t see restricted to “girlfriend group” movement or unaccompanied travel, we’d also fuck to center most your activate as a couple, or with your family. Finished pieces or intent pitches should be emailed to us with a brief launching most yourself and course to some preceding publicised writing, if you have it. Make SUBMISSIONS the person way of your email. If you have photos of the instruction you describe, permit us know. Feature movement essays (600-1200 words) are paying $50 within 30 life after publication. Published movement tips and A View From Abroad journal entries (200-500 words) are paying $15 every onewithin 30 life after publication. If we accept your article or idea, we’ll beam you an telecommunicate letting you undergo and communicate for some added information. We don’t re-publish stories that have previously been publicised on some journal or another websites. However, you are liberated to repackage the aforementioned activate or counsel with a firm verify and accede it.

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  1. Who would apply for these site jobs when there is so much jibberish? Yikes! it's scary.